Interface Management Terms

Definition of Battery Limit

A battery limit is a defined boundary between two areas of responsibility, which may be physical (e.g. a flange on a pipe); or represented by a map coordinate; or some other means (for example a point in time). Battery limits in a 'distributed' project are described in a blog article.

These should be described in the most appropriate way (for example, a drawing, map, or verbal description). Battery limit drawings / definitions are often contained in an interface document.

Battery Limits in 'Distributed' projects are analagous to - but also very different from - Interface Points in 'Large Plant' projects. See the blog post about Interface Point versus Battery Limit for further discussion on this.

Although the term battery limit is used by project teams, negotiating teams concerned with commercial agreements may well use the term 'delivery point' instead. This may or may not be the same physical point.

Battery limit is often confused with interface - and occasionally used to define the Scope Of Work (SOW).
If this description does not quite chime with your project then check out Interface Point, which is used in the other type of project. As explained elsewhere, the type of project needs to have matching software. Pick the wrong software for your project at your peril!