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IT system tools

Choosing the right IT system tool to match your requirements is essential. They vary in quality, and they also vary in purpose. Choose wisely - this is something you could regret for a long time if you pick the wrong software.

Interface - different things to different people

People working on mega-projects have to get used to a lot of specialised terms and expressions - many using the word 'Interface'. Unfair as it may seem, but a lot of other people use the word to mean something quite different. Find out more...

Different types of project

Two basic types of project - which fundamentally affect how it is managed - and what requirements you have for IT software

Interface Management Conference in Amsterdam

Interface Management for Capital Projects is an annual conference dedicated to interface management. In 2014 and 2015 it was held in Amsterdam, and London in 2016.

What is a Project Interface Management Plan? (1 of 5)

Project Interface Management Plan - what is it; who needs it; and when? Why is your project at risk of failure if this is not done properly?

Hard or Soft Interfaces? (2 of 5)

Hard or Soft Interfaces - what is the difference? How do you manage them? Should we care about soft interfaces?

Battery Limit or Interface Point? (3 of 5)

Battery Limit or Interface Point - completely different, and core to defining your project strategy

Project Interface Management Strategy (4 of 5)

Getting the Project Interface Management Strategy right can save enormous amounts of time and money - so why is it not always handled properly?

Interface Management IT and Documentation (5 of 5)

Interface Management IT and Documentation has a rich and varied history - but how should we choose wisely for our project today?