Interface Management of projects

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Comprehensive resource on Interface Management

(meaning the management of the interfaces between different contractors or other stakeholders in large projects*).

The concepts are explained here - including the what, when, how and why of managing interfaces.

Confused about the terms used? - don't know your battery limit from your interface? - don't worry! Everybody mixes the terms, so we will explain the meaning, and how they get mixed up.

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* By 'large project' we typically mean a development, construction or demolition project involving multiple main contractors that will run for several years and cost from hundreds of millions of dollars up to many billions of dollars. Mega-projects have a budget over one billion dollars.

Blog articles

Interface Management IT and Documentation

Interface Management IT and Documentation has a rich and varied history - but how should we choose wisely for our project today?

Project Interface Management Strategy

The Project Interface Management Strategy has the potential to radically improve the outcomes for a project. So why is it not always a core part of the project planning?

Battery Limits or Interface Points?

It DOES matter whether you use the term Battery Limit or Interface Point - it affects the entire project strategy

Hard or Soft Interfaces?

What is the difference between Hard and Soft Interfaces - Does it matter? Should we care about soft interfaces?

Project Interface Management Plan

What is a project interface management plan? - Who needs it? When? What happens if it is not done well?

Interface management conference

Interface Management for Capital Projects is an annual conference dedicated to interface management.

Different types of project

Two basic types of project - which fundamentally affect how it is managed - and what requirements you have for IT software

IT system tools

Choosing the right IT system tool to match your requirements is essential. They vary in quality, and they also vary in purpose. Choose wisely.