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Interface Management for Capital Projects - Conference

The first conference dedicated to interface management was held in November 2014, in Amsterdam. The second conference was also in Amsterdam in November 2015.
The last conference was in London 24th - 26th October 2016. We hope that it will resume soon - ask about it on at the Interface Management group on Linked In. Alternatively, contact us directly.
In addition to experts from the oil and gas industry, the wind turbine, nuclear, railway, and other industries are well represented.

Some of the material on this website has been used at the conference - for example the article explaining about the two basic types of project.

Several video interviews were recorded during the second conference, including this interview with John Thropp. Links to the other interviews - with Michael Bible, Arthur Ruiz and Sulaiman Al-Naqbi - should also be visible.

You can find out more about the special terms used in interface management, and about the concepts involved on this site.
You are welcome to contact us with comments or questions related to interface management.