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IT system tools used for Interface Management

In the "good old days" interface issues would be registered in a spreadsheet table - and some of these spreadsheets were quite good. This was the interface register, and the interface manager controlled it and showed it to others at regular intervals - or not.

Today you might still see excel spreadsheets in use in very small projects, but if more than one or two people within one organisation need to see it or update it then this is dangerously inadequate.

There are many interface management IT system tools available on the market - at least 10.
Some are fairly good - and some are not.
They vary in complexity, ease of use and web access, quality of reporting, cost, and need for customisation. Crucially, they also vary in their purpose - which kind of project they are optimised for. There are also other key factors to take into account.

If you are an owner/operator considering the options of setting up interface management and which IT system tool to select then you are strongly advised to seek out expert help - and not from any of the vendors of the systems. By the nature of these projects, the tool will probably be in use for at least a few years, and choosing the wrong tool at the start would be a costly, frustrating and potentially catastrophic decision.
Further advice on the systems available can be given, but will not be published on this site.

You can find out more about the special terms used in interface management, and about the concepts involved on this site.
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