Interface Management Terms

Other common abbreviations

There are many hundreds of abbreviations in regular use in large projects, but for now only terms mentioned on other pages of this site are listed.

DG1, DG2, etc - relate to Decision Gates - where a project continues to the next phase or is stopped

FEED - Front End Engineering Design - during which a concept is developed into a more thorough design. Detailed design may follow in the next phase.

HSE - Health Safety and Environment

IMR - Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

PLEM - PipeLine End Manifold - a structure at the end of a pipeline to anchor it in place, that may also contain valves or other facilities.

SOW - Scope Of Work - the precise definition of the work to be done by a contractor. It is often written in appendix A of a contract.

TSP - Technical Service Provider

Other terms or abbreviations may be added, as appropriate.