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Battery Limit or Interface Point?

A lot of the confusion over the terms used to describe interface management comes from the fact that there are two types of project (Large Plant, and Distributed) and this is frequently not fully understood by people working in one type of project and not knowing about the other type of project. In worst case, it is also not fully understood by the people setting up the project, its processes, structures and IT systems.
In one type of project we have Interface Points and in the other we have Battery Limits

The terms brought up related to battery limit / interface point

Normally we would say that it doesn't really matter if some people want to talk about battery limits and other talk about interface points, but the concepts here are quite different, and the tools and structures are quite different. So is the way they are managed, and the extent to which the owner/operator takes an active role.

Some of the terms above relate to just one or the other type of project, and some could be used in either.
What are your thoughts?
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At the 3rd Interface Management conference (in London, October 2016) delegates were invited to write specific interface terms on paper and put them on the wall. We ended up with 48 different terms. This article is the third in a series that discusses the themes that came out of this exercise.
This article was written by John Thropp and first published in February 2019.